Wildflower - Garden Sprinkles

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Our version of a seed packet, but in a reusable tin made from recycled US steel. This Wildflower mix contains 14 of nature's most beautiful flowers with a variety of splendid colors, shapes, and sizes. The flowers will make wonderful cut flowers for any floral arrangement.


  • Reusable recycled US steel tin - growing directions.
  • Flowers: (1) Baby's Breath, (2) Black-Eyed Susan, (3) Blanket flower, (4) Blue Flax, (5) Mixed Corn Poppy, (6) Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, (7) Tree Mallow, (8) Mexican Hat, (9) Perennial Lupine, (10) Plains Coreopsis, (11) Prairie Coneflower, (12) Purple Coneflower, (13) Scarlet Flax, (14) Siberian Wallflower.
  • 2" Diam. Tin
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