Botanical Dahlia Collection

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This nature-inspired collection is a superb choice for adding a bit of nature to your home without the hassle and maintenance of fresh arrangements. Realistic cream-colored dahlias are intertwined with berries, botanicals, and decorative butterflies to come together and create effortless elegance.

  • Wreath - 20.25"L x4.25"W x20.25"
  • Mini Wreath - 19"L x7.5"W x16.5"
  • Candle Ring - 10.5"L x3.5"W x10.5"
  • Wall Swag - 10.5"L x5"W x27"
  • Garland - 4'.25"L x14"W x4.75"
  • Bush - 8.25"L x5.75"W x23.75"
  • Pick - 5.25"L x3.5"W x16.75"
  • Orb - 12.5"L x6.5"W x12.25"

Style: Wreath

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